About Our Catering Division

Founded in August 2015, Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division provides imaginative, high quality catering and hospitality services for any event, at any venue (indoor or outdoor) in Sohar and Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Flexibility, quality, passion and commitment are the hallmarks of Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division’s service. Not limited to a set “menu” of options, truly bespoke events created by our catering division can involve organizing the entire exercise to simply providing superb catering. The common denominator of all the catering division’s events, large or small, is the quality and standard of the food and drink prepared and served at very competitive prices.

Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division exists to deliver superb food and drink in a great ambience with fantastic service and build effective and profitable partnerships with trusted suppliers that enable a unique service. However, this is still a business where the “proof of the pudding is very much in the eating”, and while Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division builds its profile, generates leads, and works very close with our partners and customers, it establishes and enhances its reputation by delivering out- standing customer satisfaction all time.

At Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division, we have built a reputation for creative and delicious catering for corporate events, business lunches, dinners and private parties. We pride ourselves in offering an innovative yet original cuisine using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division’s services are a great way to deliver precisely what the client wants with a continued focus of maintaining high standards and mitigating cost. No matter where your affair may be, Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division guarantees excellent principles of food preparation, presentation and service for private, and corporate functions. Our dedicated kitchen team follows a strict code of professionalism during preparation, handling and storage and sticks to all the health and safety guidelines.

Our Clients

Oman Arab Cinema Company

Food & Beverage consultancy for all City Cinema Concession areas and point-of-sale. This includes a close working relationship with the management of Oman Arab Cinema Co. for the delivery of better concession services, products and experience for City Cinema.

Gulf International Pipe Industry – Sohar

Gulf International Pipe Industry is one of the first manufacturers of high-pressure steel pipe lines. From August 2015 to October 2015, Jawad Sultan Restaurants Catering Division was given the opportunity on delivery services to their offices and also catered to their staff events, corporate meetings and other company gatherings.

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